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Funnel Cake Mix Family Size

The taste and flavour from home

Enough Funnel cake Mix for at least 7 full size funnel cakes and maybe up to 10/12 smaller size cakes

Manufacturer: The Funnel Cake Company

A 500 gram bag of Funnel Cake mix should make at least about 7 full size funnel cakes and up to about 10/12 smaller size cakes, depending on how you pour.

Funnel Cakes are popular around the United States at ballparks, fairs and festivals, markets, school fetes; essentially, anywhere people meet.

They do not look like a funnel and don't really look like cakes, but they do taste very good!

Funnel Cakes are made by pouring batter through a funnel into hot oil in a circular pattern and then quickly deep frying it until golden-brown. They are often served with powdered sugar, jam, or numerous other toppings.

  • Funnel Cakes are oil resistant and are served dry.,
  • Funnel Cakes can also be made at home, with the use of a skillet.

Funnel Cakes are a popular offering at outdoor food stands in Local locations, festivals, events, carnivals, County and Renaissance fairs, arts and craft shows and seaside resorts.

When made a separate funnel is not used; instead, the batter is poured from a purpose-made Funnel Cake pitcher (jug) with an integral spout, these create the theatre.

  • Funnel Cakes resemble the items known as fried dough or "elephant ears," however these items are made with a risen yeast dough, whereas funnel cakes are made with an unleavened batter.
  • The Finnish version of Funnel Cakes are tippaleipä, and are traditionally served at May Day (Vappu) celebrations.

Cooking is easy, simple:

 Don't believe our claims to be the world’s favorite Funnel Cake Mix!

Home Pack Funnel cake Mix

  • We Expect Comparison!
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How many times have you been to the county fair and purchased a funnel cake to be let down by the flavour or greasyness?

Through our outlets we have tested and retested our mix, worked with our Mill ( we use a specialist mill which has been working for over 100 years) and finally produced a funnel cake mix which is rich in taste, no greasy and above all creates an inner satisfaction when eaten.

Our mix has been developed over a number of years, and we now sell funnel cake mix not just in the United States, but throughout the world, through a number of distributors, so whether your are in Arizona or Berlin, London or Korea, Dubia or Dublin, we can supply you the worlds most favourite funnel cake mix.

Number KGs in packaging: 5

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